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Patient Testimonials

“My husband and I are fortunate enough to have Dr. Michael Graham as our orthopedic surgeon. My husband was in a leg brace for 34 years and Dr. Graham was able to surgically repair the damage. Today he is miraculously walking without the brace. In my case, Dr. Graham removed a bone tumor in my foot and then performed bone grafting surgery. Thanks to Dr. Graham’s expert surgical skills my foot is tumor free with no complications. Surgery is a traumatic experience but Dr. Graham put us at ease by thoroughly explaining his findings in a confident and reassuring manor. My husband and I are both extremely satisfied with our results and we highly recommend Dr. Graham. He and his staff are definitely first-rate. - J. & S.

“After falling in a sinkhole in 2011 and going through two unsuccessful surgeries on my right ankle from two different doctors, I was ready to give up. I was having to wear a boot full time and was unable to walk far at all. I ran into a lady at a store and she had a boot on too. We talked and she told me how Dr. Graham had helped her so much and she gave me his information. I went home and called and made an appointment. Dr. Graham and his staff were wonderful. My surgery was quickly scheduled and done on May 19, 2015. After ankle reconstruction surgery and three months of healing, physical therapy and check ups, I am able to walk without my ankle giving out on me and without pain. I cannot thank Dr. Graham and his staff enough for all they did to help me. I highly recommend Dr. Graham to anyone that is struggling with foot or ankle problems! - S. M.

“Everyone knows that when you are young and do something foolish that could cause an injury - two outcomes are possible. One, you are lucky and get away with it. Two, you get hurt and there is an immediate charge assessed against you in the form of pain, but you heal quickly simply because you are a kid.

In this past year I have learned that there is a third outcome that many of you reading this can probably relate. Outcome three is where you recover from the injury but at the same time you have unknowingly initiated a chain of anatomical events that are going to cause you serious problems when you get older.

I can remember missing out on an entire summer vacation after seriously injuring my right foot when I was very young. Finally my foot healed and seemed to be back to normal. What I did not know until recently was that my injury had laid the groundwork for a case of extreme arthritis in the mid joints of my right foot.

Into my early fifties foot pain became my regular companion. I had always enjoyed walking for exercise, but as the pain increased this became “not an option”. After waiting way too long to seek medical attention, I went to see my family orthopedist, Dr. Boyd Haynes of OSC in Newport News. Dr. Haynes told me he would like to help, but when it came to foot and ankle problems there was only one doctor in the entire Tidewater area that he would personally recommend. Without any hesitation he recommended Dr. R. Michael Graham of the Orthopaedic Center for Foot and Ankle Reconstruction.

Long story short, last spring Dr. Graham successfully operated and fused the seriously degenerated and damaged mid-joints of my right foot. He and his staff gave me the best post operation and recovery care I could have hoped for over the last 6 months. Each step of the way, he let me know what to expect and how to cope with a difficult recovery period. For this particular surgery, there is a three month, non-weight-bearing recovery, which at the time seemed to be forever! He and his staff helped me cope with everything that came up and I am happy to say I am finally walking again and my foot is improving every day thanks to his excellent surgical skills.

Two final points, I waited too long before seeing Dr. Graham, if you are having foot or ankle problems get it checked out now!! Finally if you want the best care available in Tidewater, Dr. Graham is the doctor you need to see for foot and ankle issues. He and his staff are excellent, caring, and helpful during a traumatic time for any patient. - C. F.

Patient Testomnial

"After trying to avoid surgery for 18 months, I faced the inevitable. Major foot/ankle reconstruction was my only alternative and planning toward this goal could have been overwhelming. Based on a referral, I visited Dr. Michael Graham to explore my options. He took time to understand my lifestyle and demands of my position as marketing director and suggested a reconstructive procedure that he felt would work for me. Dr. Graham clearly communicated the seriousness of the procedure, demands of the recovery phase and the work it would take for me to resume the activities I loved. It was not easy to anticipate how at least six months of my life would be so drastically impacted, so I just followed Dr. Graham’s instructions and the results were exactly as he anticipated. After three months of the physical therapy I am walking and adding exercise back into my daily routine. Within a year I expect to be back to my pre-operation lifestyle. Best of all, the chronic pain is gone! I appreciate all Dr. Graham and his team for their expertise and support throughout this process."

Bunion Removal

"Dr. Graham removed a bunion from my left pinky toe on 11/21/2013. After three weeks of being unable to walk or put on a shoe, I am back on my feet with a new pair of heels! Dr. Graham and his staff were gentle and caring in every way and I am thankful for my experience. Thank you Dr. Graham and staff!"

Walk down the aisle“I wanted to thank y'all again for giving me such great care! I was recently married and have moved to Alabama. I was able to wear heels during my ceremony and I wanted to thank y'all for helping me be able to walk down the aisle.”

Patient Testimonials“Thank you for being such a wonderful doctor that I was able to get back to this important part of my life: ballet. You and your team made such a difference in helping me with the surgery and after. You were all so kind and I really wanted you to know how much I appreciated it. I am back to my many hours of dance training. Thanks to you excellent work I made it to final call backs of the Rockettes and also will be dancing in college.”


“Love the humor and team work - the BEST consultation with Dr. Graham”

“Excellent care in every aspect. Highly recommended.”

“Great experience. Most excellent consultation with Dr. Graham.”

“I have had two surgeries and two great experiences! Everyone has been so wonderful, patient, and kind. Thank you so much!”

“Fantastic service. Thanks!”

“I have really enjoyed my visits with this group. I will really miss them.”


“Very professional”

“Terrific care throughout the process!”

“Very good people help you with anything you need. Very understanding.”

“Dear Dr Graham,
First of all, thank you so much for fixing me up. It is so amazing the intricate procedures that you are able to do. I am grateful.
Look forward to seeing you at my next appointment. Thank you and God Bless you. ”

“Everyone is so friendly and they answer all questions and address concerns.”

“Very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Graham and staff!”

“I thank God for your hands! My feet haven’t felt this good in three years! Thank you so much. I feel 100% better; you’re a miracle worker!”

“Extremely satisfied!!! Dr. Graham and his staff are awesome and God blessed his hands because after three surgeries I actually am better! I definitely will refer and return if necessary!”

“Superior service; impressive professionalism, knowledge and assessments; will highly recommend to others in need of specialized care!”

“All I can say is “I love them.” They’re the best and they really treat you like family.”

“Thank y'all so much for everything you have done for me these past 3½ years! I would not have been able to make it through this difficult time without the love & support from everyone in this office! Y'all were exactly what I needed, in more ways than just surgical. I will miss y'all but I will keep you updated on my feet!”

“Dr. Graham is definitely the go-to guy for feet - he is the Foot God! He and his nurses spent lots of time with me and answered all of my questions. They were very open and honest about my condition and treatment. They answered my questions and were responsive to my needs. I am in regular shoes now. Also, my toenails grow now! I had my first pedicure in a year and I loved it!”

“Thank you and your staff for everything they did to help me get back on my feet.”

“Everyone at this facility is attentive, professional, and very polite. People on the phone even assisted with directions. Also, love not being put on hold and actually speaking to a human.”

“The nurse was extremely helpful in getting our appointment. She explained what my daughter should do until she could be seen. Very pleasant office staff. Dr. Graham was very patient and informative.”

“Everyone was very helpful and understanding of my pain. The front desk knew my name after the first visit and always called me by it. She was also able to answer my questions when I'd call in, without having to wait for a nurse to call me back.”

“Everyone is caring and professional. They do their best to make you comfortable during the surgery experience.”

“I felt all of my concerns were addressed in a professional and courteous manner.”

“My nurse was awesome! I really enjoyed her and she made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Graham explained everything so that I understood my prognosis.”

“Everyone has gone above and beyond to help me thru the experience. I would definitely recommend this practice. Thank you all!”

“I would recommend OCFAR and Dr. Graham to anyone with foot problems. My surgery experience with DePaul and Dr. Graham was first-rate. The professionalism and friendliness of the staff made the recovery process more bearable. I feel the staff cares for its patients.”

“I appreciate the efficiency of Dr. Graham and his staff; no fluff. Very friendly, very accommodating all around.”

“I am a returning patient – this speaks volumes. The recommendation to see Dr. Graham was spot-on.”

“I would highly recommend Dr. Graham and his staff. Heather at the front desk was always very friendly and she also helped out by faxing an updated work note to me when I needed it quickly. Sabrina and Lisa were both very personable and always made sure my job received all of the required workers’ compensation forms in a timely manner. Dr. Graham took his time while treating me and tried many non-invasive treatment methods before having to resort to surgery. He always explained everything thoroughly and answered any questions I had.”

“Dr. Graham and his staff have been wonderful to work with over the past seven months. My daughter’s foot is now almost completely healed and we believe she will regain full function. Thank you, Dr. Graham for everything you have done for our daughter!”

“Everyone was great with me and my daughter. Very pleasant staff. Thanks for everything. Pain-free feet are amazing – glad to be back to normal again.”

“I've had a great experience with this practice. Dr. Graham did remarkable work fixing my ankle. I also love the staff. I am happy to be better but I will miss everyone!”

“I wish all facilities were the way that you are! Excellent service!”

“Just wanted to thank you all for such good work! My ankle is great - - walking in sand on beach. Already lost 24 pounds. You Rock!”

“My very first visit to Dr. Graham was in July 2011. I went to Depaul’s ER and was referred to him. But I injured myself again in Dec. 2011. I didn’t even go to the ER this time, because of his knowledge, I scheduled an ER appointment with him and was seen the very next day. It was a very pleasant experience.”

“Very great people to work with. My experience was great and every question was always answered.”

“Ankle feels awesome. Miss walking my dog. Thanks a lot for “pain free.”

“I would totally recommend this practice, staff is very caring, thorough, pleasant, makes sure to answer all questions. Very satisfied.”

“Dr. Graham has been caring for my ankle since 1997, and he is the reason why I am still able to walk. He is a wonderful doctor.”

“I really appreciate the candidness of Dr. Graham. He puts everything into terms I understand and takes the time to make sure he has covered what my concerns were. The staff is great! Friendly, helpful, & caring.”

“Awesome experience. Dr. Graham & his staff are exceptional.”

Patient Survey Results

Questions Total Responses # Excellent % Excellent
Rate the friendliness and helpfulness of the person scheduling your appointment. 692 644 93%
Upon check-in, rate your experience with our front desk. 687 626 91%
How would you rate your consultation with Dr. Graham? 690 635 92%
How would you rate your experience with the clinical staff at the Orthopaedic Center? 688 644 94%
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